Online Random Group Generator

Easily split name lists into multiple fair random groups


What is an online random group generator?

Our online random group generator is a convenient and fast tool that can randomly split name lists into multiple groups. These group results are completely random, ensuring fairness and impartiality.

The online random group generator is suitable for various scenarios. Whether it's classroom student grouping, work task allocation, team building, or event list allocation, it can fairly generate multiple random group results from the list.

In just one second, our random group generator can randomly split a large list into any number of random groups. There's no need to worry about fairness, as our random algorithm ensures the fairness of the grouping results.

How to use the random group generator?

With just a few simple steps, you can easily split the list into multiple random groups.

1. Enter or paste the list of names to be randomly grouped, with each name occupying one line. If a name list uses other delimiters, simply enter the corresponding delimiter, and our tool will intelligently recognize it.

2. Choose the grouping mode, enter the number of groups needed, or enter the number of members per group.

3. Click the 'Random Grouping' button, and after a moment, the tool will randomly split the list into multiple groups. If you are not satisfied with the grouping results, you can continue clicking the random grouping button until you are satisfied.

4. After the random grouping is complete, you can copy each group individually, or export the grouping results to an Excel file.